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About Our Brewer
Scott Meyer, BrewMaster


Scott Meyer has spent much of his life focused on his passion; exploring the world of fermentation.  Whether it is in the kitchen cooking or in the brewery, Scott's goal is to create high quality, well balanced, beverages with a bit of sophistication.

It probably all began back in his mother's kitchen watching bread dough rise and slurping down apple
juice gone fizzy; then to the discovery that unpasteurized grape juice left to its own devices, turns to wine!

At the tender age of 20, while attending the Culinary Academy in San Francisco, he landed a job as a “cellar rat” in a Bay Area winery.

Over the next ten years he was winemaker at several Central Coast, California small wineries. Later after
five years of selling wines and spirits to top accounts in San Francisco, he jumped headlong into the
emerging Craft Brewing movement and took charge of brewing at Bison Brewing Company in Berkeley.

At Bison, Scott really began exploring unique flavor combinations and honed his craft with such artfully crafted ales as World Beer Cup gold medal winning: Coriander Rye Ale, the iconic Honey Basil Ale, & LemonGrass Wheat Ale, Gingerbread Ale, and many more.

Scott received his Master Brewer credentials and is an Alumni of Siebel Institute, 1997 graduating class under the original Siebel ownership.

In 2001, Scott's journey brought him to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, as Brewmaster for the Outer Banks Brewing Station.   The Outer Banks is where his passion turned to special bottling projects and creating award winning barrel aged sour beers.

And now Scott is on his next BIG Adventure...Planetary Elixirs! He is still brewing, still creating unique flavor combinations, and still following his passion.

These unique beverages are brewed from natural spices and fruits from around the world, and are "micro-fermented’ with champagne yeasts to bring out their essence and preserve them. Creating these unique beverages utilizes a wide range of skills and techniques acquired from years of winemaking and brewing, along with new methods I’m learning every day.

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