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Non-alcoholic & Micro-brewed

Folk Soft Drinks 

Take A Flavor Journey Around The World

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Refreshing Beverages


Our unique beverages are refreshing and satisfying.


Enjoy them on their own or mixed with Spirits

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Our Brewer


Scott Meyer has spent much of his life focused on his passion; exploring the world of fermentation.  Whether it is in the kitchen cooking or in the brewery, Scott's goal is to create high quality, well balanced, beverages with a bit of sophistication.

Listen to Scott explain his inspiration for these unique beverages

Scott Meyer, Brewer
Ginger, Hibiscus, Roselle
Our Product

Planetary Elixirs are brewed with botanical infusions and fermented with champagne yeasts to produce a lightly carbonated soft drink.  We use the highest quality of ingredients available to create these unique flavors combinations. Serve as a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage with your meals or splash into your favorite cocktail.

Make a Splash

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